Screaming at corpses. ♡

Salutations! My name is Robin Grimmgall and I am simply a grotesque creature who lurks on the internet. I am male and go by masculine nouns and pronouns (i.e.: he/him, man). I am an illustrator and an author and I have been striving to improve my pictorial abilities since 2013 & have been writing creatively recreationally since 2011. However, I have been drawing generally since at least 2005. I aspire to be a professional artist someday, working on personal projects involving my characters. I am from the United States, I was born on July 24, 2002, and as of writing this, I am in my 20s. I consider myself to harbor a melancholic temperament and many online tests have said I am an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver (INFP-T). I am a retrophile and identify as gothic and a part of the furry fandom. Some of my media interests include the Disney ducks, Daria, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, South Park (until Season 25), Futurama, and classic Aardman (especially Wallace & Gromit, Rex the Runt, Angry Kid, and Chicken Run). I enjoy reading and mild PC gaming as hobbies as well. My other personal interests are the paranormal, history, sexology, psychology, philosophy, and STEAM fields. I harbor Asperger's & Bipolar and I am LGBT & BIPOC.