Feel free to contact the artist about anything unlisted.

Mugshot: $16Mugshot: $36Mugshot: $54Mugshot: $68
Portrait: $26Portrait: $38Portrait: $56Portrait: $74
Thigh: $28Thigh: $42Thigh: $58Thigh: $84
Knees: $32Knees: $44Knees: $62Knees: $88
Full: $34Full: $46Full: $64Full: $94
Chibi: $14Chibi: $24Chibi: $48Chibi: $52
+Scenery: $10/hour+Scenery: $15/hour+Scenery: $20/hour+Scenery: $30/hour
+Add. Char: 50%+Add. Char: 50%+Add. Char: 50%+Add. Char: 50%
+Toning: $2+Simple toning: $3+Complexity: 50%+Complexity: 50%
Monochrome: $4Complexity: +50%Simplicity: -30%Simplicity: -30%
Color: $6Simplicity: -30%Traditional: $10Traditional: N/A
Traditional: $10Traditional: $10----

Terms of Service


Anthropomorphic creatures.Simple-to-moderate gore. (Inquire.)Couples of any genders.Self-insert couples, original couples, and fan-based couples.Tasteful/artistic nudityObject heads


Suggestive content. (Inquire.)Mild-to-moderate sexual content/erotica.Some fetishes. (Oral vore and related fetishes are always accepted. Otherwise, please inquire.)Copyrighted characters. (Inquire.)Intricate designs (Permitted, but more time will be taken to make it look accurate and therefore cost extra.)Humanoids and Quadrupeds (Permitted, but the quality may vary.)Some marine life. (Thalassophobia. Please inquire and try to provide references without large bodies of water or oceanic scenery surrounding the creature entirely. Cetaceans are always prohibited.)


Most non-consensual depictions regarding sexual themes (including drugging). ("Unwilling" vore and similar scenarios are accepted, please inquire.)Bodily functions such as bowel movements in relation to defecation, urination, vomit, gas, etc.Graphic gore and sexual contentDiscriminatory content against a real-life group or individual or similarly offensive themes.Real-life religion or real-life politics.Deep-sea creatures. (Phobia. Blobfish may be permitted.)Adult/minor couples (pedohebephilia), incestual couples, and zoophilia (sapient creature in sexual/romantic relations with a non-sapient creature).


Enquire about quotes for unlisted items!The price increase for additional characters is per character. The limit is 14 prominent characters per canvas!Consider donating to my Ko-fi if you would prefer stingier commissioning options!ALL THE EXAMPLES LINKED ARE ITEMS I DO WITHIN A VERY QUICK TIMEFRAME (less than 7 days). If you would like me to induce myself to produce higher-quality artwork for you, you will be required to permit me up to 5 months to complete your commission.I accept payment via PayPal and Google Wallet.I reserve the right to upload your commission(s) to websites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites, and use them for advertisement as well. The only exception to this will be if you specifically request that your commission be kept privately.If you harbor a specified deadline, please order your commission at least 1 month prior to the deadline. If not, I will not be able to accept your commission.You are not permitted to utilize your commissions commercially, remove my signature(s)/watermark(s), or otherwise take credit for the drawing itself.If you are not satisfied with the commission, please do not hesitate to cancel. However, please ensure that your cancellation occurs sometime prior to your drawing's completion. The amount refunded will depend on the completion stage of your commission. Completed pieces cannot be refunded unless a complete redraw has been requested. (See below for more information.)You may request up to 5 individual subsidiary revisions to the foundation (sketch). However, any edit thereafter or any substantial modifications that require me to redraw a significant portion of the drawing will induce additional fees for compensation. The same regulations apply to the coloring and toning phases of the drawing.Any requisition for a complete redraw of your commissioned work (i.e.: "starting over from scratch") will induce a hefty additional fee.View my F-list here for more information regarding my preferences for adult commission. You must be the legal age of consent in your area in order to receive a sexual commission from me.
Please keep in mind:
All commissions (except "Sketch" tier orders) will come with progress shots for approval before the first payment is sent.All commission categories will come with clean lines (except, perhaps, for orders of the "Sketch" tier.)
The standard payment process will proceed as so:
1.) I send you a progress shot for approval (and as evidence that I have begun labor). Once the drawing has been approved, I will prompt you for at least half of the payment. I will not proceed with your drawing until the payment has been received.
2.) I will complete your drawing and send you a low-resolution, highly-watermarked thumbnail as evidence that I have finished your drawing. You will not receive the high-resolution, unwatermarked, full-sized drawing until I have received the rest of the payment.

The payment process for standard (uncolored) "Sketch" tier orders will proceed as so:
1.) I require half of the payment up-front.
2.) I will send you a low-resolution, highly-watermarked thumbnail as evidence that I have finished your drawing. You will not receive the high-resolution, unwatermarked, fully-sized drawing until I have received the rest of the payment.